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Updated for - last changed on 2018-06-01 - (flags not updated yet)

Most of these skins are not historical, and just for aesthetic purposes. Additionally a lot of German ships share assets, so by modding one ship you also mod others. For example, if you mod the main and secondary guns on Großer Kurfürst to have red turret tops then Friedrich der Große will have the same main gun turrets and 150mm secondary gun turrets, additionally Gneisenau also uses the same 128mm secondary gun turrets. Nearly all high tier German battleships (and even Roon) use the same 150mm secondary guns. So it's difficult to only mod a select few German ships without affecting a number of other German ships (it's technically possible but I'm far too lazy and don't care enough to do it).

Currently available changes:

  1. Hidden insignias from the game
  2. Red turret tops and deck swastika for Großer Kurfürst, Friedrich der Große, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst (regular and snow version), Hindenburg, Roon, Graf Zeppelin
  3. Historical fin flash for all German planes (catapult fighters, spotters, and Graf Zeppelin fighters/bombers)
  4. Replaced iron cross on Graf Zeppelin's adler camo with swastika (I'll need some feedback on this as I don't have the ship or camo so I can't see what it looks like)
  5. Historical national flags and naval ensigns (Germany and Japan) - DISCLAIMER: I did not make most of the changes in this mod, I've just taken adiya's mod and started to update it myself because WG patch the game so frequently it breaks all the time

Planned changes

  1. Red turret tops and deck swastika for Graf Spee, Nürnberg, Königsberg, Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen

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