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World of Warplanes Alternative Flags, Insignia, & Ensigns

Updated for - last changed on 2019-07-13

Most of these mods should work even if not updated for the current patch as they are just cosmetic changes.

I'm not able to check every plane for broken or missing skins every patch, so let me know if you find anything and I can fix it - you can message username Senjougahara on EU and NA forums.


In an effort to add some historical accuracy/inaccuracy and variety to the game I have created some alternative nation flags & ensigns, and restored the historical fin flash hakenkreuz on German aircraft.

Currently available changes:

  1. UK - changed the Union Jack flag to the RAF ensign
  2. US - changed the hangar background flag to the 48 star version
  3. China - changed the PRC flag to the ROC flag
  4. Japan - changed the national flag of Japan (Hinomaru) to the Imperial Japanese Army flag (The Rising Sun)
  5. Germany - changed the censored version of the German war ensign to the uncensored version of the German war ensign
  6. Germany - restored the historical fin flash hakenkreuz to German planes - Tech tree planes complete, premium planes will be updated if I get them
  7. All - Upscaling plane textures to 4K resolution using deep convolutional neural networks - (restored German planes with 4K textures are marked as such below)

For the German planes I put the fin flash hakenkreuz insignia back on (all camouflage variants), and removed one of the decals WG put there which was getting in the way.

Some skins are not 100% historical because some of the planes in the tech tree were either never made or I have not been able to find enough historical photographs/drawings. Additionally because of the design of some planes I had to take some liberties when creating these skins. However I have tried to get as close as possible to how the planes actually looked.

At the moment I can only skin planes that I actually own in the game, because there is no way to preview a plane in the hangar unless you own it so making adjustments to the size and placement of the insignia is impossible. This makes modding premium planes only possible if I own them, but I won't buy them all just for that, I'll mod the planes I can get my hands on..

I have created a batch download with everything included, and individual downloads for each of the changes so they can be applied individually and you can mix and match which flags/ensigns you want.

I also have plans to create a national flag of Germany (uncensored) alternative to the war ensigns of Germany. I am also considering adding this monstrosity as an alternative flag for the Soviet Air Force (replacing the national flag).

Note: Disabling scripts cache

In order for the .xml files in the scripts directory to work you'll need to rename the World_of_Warplanes\res\scripts\db\cacheddb.bin file to cacheddb_old.bin - This file caches all the script files to reduce loading times, by renaming it you stop it caching the files and force it to load them properly, so it will then pick up the modified files in the mods directory. Obviously renaming this may increase loading times a bit, but unless you are playing on a toaster it will not make much of a difference.


RAF ensign

China ROC flag

US 48 star flag